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Jason Pinder's sculptural interventions are engage with our physical experience of stuff. Both in his studio and the gallery familiar readymade objects - chairs, vessels, ropes, are typically found modified, juxtaposed and re-balanced - catalysts for a tangential wandering of the mind.

Subtle, visually blunt, and straightforward, his works are clothed with an appearance of ‘it-is-what-it-is-ness’. The objects teeter in the present, disrupting our psychological schema and tapping into an intuitive, instinctive level of visual experience.

Works tend to be volumes in an ongoing conceptual thread, often subtle attempts at adjusting perception or at least stimulating an awareness of the subjective nature of perception. Jason adopts elements of our collective visual language and reduces it to minimal, succinct sculptural statements.

Jason Pinder works and lives in Cardiff and is a founding member of the BRG collective.

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